MiMo ( make it my own)

We are passionate about simple and beautiful things that inspire us on a daily basis. With the birth of our children we discovered the fascinating world of children and the countless beautiful articles that make life easier for today's parents.

Simplifying the days, offering our children quality time; and products that stimulate their imagination and creativity is our purpose.

Committed to the sustainability of our planet and making the motto “pamper the common house” the brands chosen by us are attentive to the materials and the manufacturing process of the marketed articles, we prefer brands that regardless of their nationality manufacture sustainable.

This is our careful choice, these are the brands that we believe in and that accompany us, we promise to always be attentive and facilitate the method of “making ours” “ make it my own”  those products that we like and that our customers intend to make theirs.



In 2016 we opened a small store in Foz do douro, in the city of Porto. The idea has always been to share what we like, and to put on sale a careful selection of items for children and families on a daily basis. The store grew, and became small for all items ...

In 2021 we decided to put our articles online through this website, so that MiMos can go further ...

Hope you like it...

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