Urca Cwl White Marsala Black
Urca Cwl White Marsala Black
Urca Cwl White Marsala Black

Urca Cwl White Marsala Black


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- Exterior in C.W.L. (organic cotton coated with corn starch resin and castor oil)
- Panels in C.W.L. & coated fabric
- Side V Logo on Rubber and Rice Waste (22%)
- Amazon rubber sole (24%), rice waste (23%) and recycled rubber (12%)
- Insole made from sugar cane, Amazon rubber, recycled EVA and organic cotton
- Tech lining (100% recycled polyester)
- Organic cotton cords (100%)

C. W. L. (Cotton Worked as Leather) is a vegan alternative to leather. A 100% organic cotton canvas, coated with P.U., corn starch and castor oil. 54% bio-based. Made in Brazil.

Coated polyester canvas is a substitute for vegan suede. We mainly use it for features in bright colors, which might otherwise fade. Less environmentally friendly, we are very cautious with it and it is used in quantities. Made in Brazil

In some models, the lining is 100% recycled polyester. It has been improved to acquire better resistance to friction and provide maximum comfort and flexibility due to its mesh structure. This lining is used for the Running line in particular. Made in Brazil.

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